Welcome to the Health and Happiness Society!

The Health and Happiness Society started out on Wattpad as a single story.

Bon Bons to Yoga Pants, book 1 in the Health and Happiness Society Series by @kcrosswriting


I started the novel Bon Bons to Yoga Pants around Valentines day, February 2015, on something of a whim, or a creative hunch. I didn’t know what would happen, who would be part of it, or even how I’d start the next chapter.

I posted twice a week just for fun. It was my author playground if you will, a story that I didn’t really have to plot out, but could take in bite-size pieces one chapter at a time. Every Monday and Thursday morning I would sit down, open Wattpad, and start writing whatever I felt needed to come next in Lexie’s life. About an hour later, I’d post the chapter.

BBtYP gained a lot more traction than expected, and at a much greater rate. Because of the beautiful response and fast growth, I decided to start the Health and Happiness Society Series. By the end of BBtYP, several loyal Wattpad fans requested it in print or as an ebook.

I’m only too happy to oblige. Click here.

Beyond those considerations, however, I know that these stories about real women, facing real challenges in today’s world, need to be told.

Because of its unusual origin as an online serials, Bon Bons to Yoga Pants has something of a different setup. The scenes are more or less complete in themselves and are all about the same size and word count. They all contribute to the greater structure of the story, but also have more of a micro-plot than I would do in my typical fiction. The writing is more raw and less edited than most. Except for copy edits to catch mistakes and proofreading to catch even more mistakes, the only real editing is my own. In that way, Lexie is represented in the most authentic voice I can give you.

All members of the Health and Happiness Society are born out of the depths of my own experiences and past. For now, publication is slated on stories for Lexie, Megan, Bitsy, Rachelle, and possibly Mira. Like Lexie’s story, all of them will begin on Wattpad. Once rewritten and edited for consistency and error, I’ll offer them at a low price through all ebook retailers and on paperback.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you love the Health and Happiness Society as much as I do.


Author Katie Cross